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What Causes Pipes to Burst in the Winter?

Ever wonder why you have problems with your water pipes, especially during winter seasons? Water pipes break open when the running water expands as a result of freezing, which eventually builds up pressure inside the pipes. When the pressure upsurges and it becomes stronger than the pipes, it bursts. This freezing and expansion habit is common in most liquid. You should not be worried; it is one of the things that support the existence of life. When liquid freezes, the movement of molecules decreases. This process enables the molecules to become compact and upturns the mass of the liquid. The same process is also applicable to water. The density of water changes with great impact on its environment when it is frozen, and when the temperature is 3.98°C, it starts expanding. Once you notice an expansion, we advise you to contact Water Damage Ottawa. Our certified water damage experts will conduct a free inspection and advise you on how to get your pipes fixed, repaired or replaced in the nick of time.

It is not wrong to say that weak pipes that are not flexible enough to expand burst even before the last freezing point. This is common to pipes that are not insulated and are fitted in areas with very low temperature. Here in Ottawa, some residents seal the underneath of their homes to warm the floors and insulate their pipes. To some extent, you may allow the pipes exposed outside of your house to leak by creating a valve to allow some water out and prevent it from freezing. The modern pipes may create a room of expansion to prevent bursting, but you should have other prevention measures when you expect a sudden drop in temperature in your area. The bursting of pipes may cause a great harm in your environment. When pipes burst, the water that comes out is still icy. Because of the hydrogen in it, it thaws very first and floods the environment. Water oozes on walls, roads, and homes, causing even more damage. With the prolonged freezing during winter, burst pipes in Ottawa sometimes become unpreventable, and you should contact Water Damage Ottawa immediately after a pipe burst in Ottawa.

Water expands to form solid ice which has a volume that is slightly higher than the water that yielded it. This is the science behind the floating of icebergs on water. Because of the shape of water molecules, it somewhat diverges. The electrons moving around water are possibly expected to be on one side of the molecule than the other, and this imbalance supports both melting and freezing. Science states that liquid molecules are oppositely attracted to one another. These potentials form hydrogen bonds, which are weak as compared to covalent bonds or ionic bonds. This chemical reaction is what proves why water is a liquid at normal temperatures and pressures. Other chemical compounds similar to H2O, but without the benefit of Hydrogen bonds, are all gases in default temperature ranges. Knowing the scientific behavior of water may be tricky especially during winter seasons. You should engage the services of experts when it comes to burst pipe in Ottawa.

Water Damage Ottawa is a leader in the restoration industry with over 10 years of experience. We specialize in water damage emergencies in Ottawa for burst pipes, flooding in Ottawa, sewer back up, overflowed appliances and more. Our IICRC certified experts are highly trained in water damage restoration in Ottawa and are ready to be dispatched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We guarantee to be onsite within 45 minutes for all emergency water damages in Ottawa.

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