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Burst Pipe Repair Ottawa

Aside from floods, storms and other natural calamities, burst pipes are the leading causes of flooding and water damage for most homes in Ottawa and surrounding areas. And just like the natural calamities, it is almost impossible to completely protect and keep all pies leading to and from your house from bursting and in spite of your best efforts to prevent it, it is just a matter of time before you are faced with a similar problem. At Water Damage Ottawa, we understand the unpredictability of this problem and that is why we always have teams in the field or close at hand to help with the repairs and restoration of property damaged by a burst pipe in Ottawa. They provide professional emergency water damage Ottawa services to the affected residents and ensure that the problem is arrested before it grows into a major headache for home owners.

The Main Causes of Burst Pipes

There are many things that can cause pipes to burst but the most common one is usually clogging or blockage of the pipes which creates a buildup of pressure inside the pipes that eventually forces them to burst.

-Freezing water- among the leading causes of blockage in pipes is the freezing of the water inside the pipes; something that is quite common in Ottawa during the cold months of winter. At such times, the water inside the pipes is made to freeze by the cold temperatures. But water has an anomalous expansion in the sense that it expands as it freezes instead of contracting. This leads to increased pressure inside the pipes and which, in turn, eventually forces the pipes to burst.

-Tree roots- the roots of trees that grow near or directly above the pipes can restrict the flow of water through the pipes once they penetrate inside them resulting in high pressure which eventually bursts the pipes.

Full Water Damage Restoration

We provide full water damage restoration in Ottawa for houses with burst pipes and we will be happy to dispatch a team immediately to your home anytime, day or night.

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