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Water Damage Causes and Procedure 

A water damage can occur at any moment. Common water damages arise from:

  • broken or burst pipes 
  • old or rusty pipes 
  • a drain backup 
  • foundation cracks and issues
  • damp basements
  • weather issues, including floods
  • natural disasters

All these causes can lead to small or large water damages. Once a water damage or water leak has been detected, it is imperative to call Water Damage Ottawa. Depending on whether the water damage contains clean water or dirty water, mold begins to form 48 hours following a water damage. Mold is an issue that arises after a water damage, which be avoided. We advise our clients to call immediately after a water damage is found, in order to avoid mold at all costs.

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Water Damage Procedure

1. Stopping the Water Damage Source: After contacting Water Damage Ottawa, a team will arrive on site for water damage emergencies within 45 minutes. Our water damage experts will identify the source of the water damage or leak. After identifying the source, we will stop the water damage from occuring by repairing the leak source. Our first priority is to minimize the amount of water damage

2.  Water Extraction:  After repairing the source of the water damage, our team starts working on pumping and removing all excess water and sewage. With our advanced equipment, we are able to ensure that we remove most of the water in your home. During this step, we are able to prevent mold and secondary water damage. With our Pack Out Services, we are able to prevent your belongings from further damage. 

3.  Examining areas for Non-Visible Water:  During the third step of the procedure, we examine your walls, floors and carpets to ensure that there is no remaining water. Although the water may not be visible to the naked eye, our highly trained professionals use themal imaging guns to identify if there is remaining water or not in certain areas. It is important to identify if there is any retained water because any left over water can slowly deterioriate your home.

4.  Sanitization:  After seperating salvagable and non-salvagable materials, we salvage all materials and content that have been destructed. Wet materials usually carry a disturbing odour. We inspect the non-salvagable materials and test for contamination and begin sanitizing. Sanitization is required to clean your home in order to replace smelly odours with a clean and fresh scent. 

5.  Restoration: During this part of the procedure, our team focuses on restoring your home by making the minor repairs that are needed. These are the final touch-ups that are required to make your home look brand new again, including painting, carpet insallation and roof repairs. 

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