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Sewer Backup Cleanup Services in Ottawa

Water Damage Ottawa provides professional assistance in dealing with sewage backup in Ottawa and the surrounding areas and we believe in the delivery of quality services in a timely manner and for affordable fees.

The problem of sewer back up in Ottawa is not new to home owners in the area but, unfortunately, there is really no sure-fire way to completely prevent it from happening. The best that you can do is to be prepared to deal with it when it happens and we are here to make sure that you do not have to suffer any unnecessary headaches when faced with the same.

Types of Sewage Backups

Sewage back up can be caused by any of a number of reasons and the cause of the backup will dictate the extent of the damage and the measures that should be taken to deal with it.

-Back up caused by blocked pipes- if the pipes draining out of your bathtub or toilet gets blocked then you are likely to start experiencing sewage backup within a matter of minutes. This type of sewage backup is usually localized and you know that you have this type of problem if only one particular toilet or bathtub appears not to be working and the others are working well.

-Blocked main sewer lines- a bigger sewage backup problem can be caused by blockage or clogging of the main sewer lines leading out of the house. In such cases, there will be backflow in all the toilets, bathtubs and sinks in the house.

In either case, getting emergency water damage restoration in Ottawa after such sewage backup is absolutely important since the longer you wait, the bigger the problem is going to get and the harder it is going to be to deal with it later. Our emergency sewage clean up services are available 24/7 and we can dispatch a team of experts to your house to help you deal with the problem within 45 minutes of getting in touch with us through the numbers at the top of this page.

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